Flexibility – How much is too much?

Flexibility work is seen as an important aspect of rowing, whether as part of a training programme or as an injury prevention strategy. Whether you are an injured or healthy rower, you are sure to have experienced a coach, fellow rower or manual therapist saying...

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BAT Logic welcomes our new US rep; Nick Dawe

With over 150+ top level colleges and some of the largest clubs in the country rowing with BAT Logic products daily, we wanted to enhance the service and accessibility of our brands on the ground in the USA. Giving you a face to the names in other words, or more...

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Movement Variability and it’s impact on rowing

Movement Variability and it's impact on rowing; Adapt To Survive! It's been a while between posts from us as we've been traveling the world, well mainly the USA, from the World Champs to the Charles we've hit both coasts and the center in between. All that sitting...

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The art and science of movement

In every sport – or every movement, for that matter – our entire body is being used, with its unique set of mechanics. The body moves in sport as in life: in a continuous, unique and nuanced manner. However, no one sport above rowing has sought to combine a wider...

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The Symmetry of Sweep; A BAT Logic-Row360 article

BAT Logic writes on; The Symmetry Of Sweep, a research piece based on analysis of the foot force in sweep rowing for Row 360 Magazine in our semi-regular performance column. Hit the link below for the full article: Row360 - Issue 008 - Symmetry of...

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Understanding Foot Force

Foot force is not a measure of how powerful your feet are, rather it is an expression of how well they transfer the force of the hip and leg muscle structures onto the stretcher.

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  • Hired a boat at the 2019 World Masters regatta in Hungary and the shoes don’t fit? Use BAT Logic and that could easily change in the future at your club with a click in and out. See our website in the bio or visit some of our retailers at the event Orrlabda.hu and @wintechfrance #wrmasters #Velence2019 #connection #power #performance #efficiency #BAT #training #racing #rowing #sculling #remo #rudern #aviron
  • With the 2019 World Rowing Championships coming to a close on the weekend, we would like to congratulate all those that competed and particularly those who obtained Olympic qualification for their countries. The regatta provided some of the best rowing races we have ever seen, it was a pleasure to watch. #WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #aviron
  • WORLD CHAMPIONS - Lightweight Women’s Pair rowers @mmmbertasi & @carastawicki! Massive congratulations girls!
#quickrelease #WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #rudern #remo
  • Pre-race focus 💪, post-race smiles😁. The Canadian women’s eight are one step closer to Olympic qualification with a solid win in yesterday’s repechage @rowingcanada #quickrelease #WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #aviron #rudern
  • Think, sleep, race, repeat! Great to see the different ways stern holders enjoy their time between races! 
#WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #rudern
  • Very cool to be able to catch the action off the blocks, here is an impressive start by @jeanninegmelin before she progressed to the semi! #quickrelease #WRChamps #rowing #aviron #remo #linz2019
  • Great to be at the 2019 World Rowing Championships in Linz Ottensheim, Austria. So far so good for these crews progressing through the early stages. #quickrelease #WRChamps #rowing #rudern #aviron #linz2019
  • The year
  • By day two of the Under-23 World Rowing Championships 37+ athletes using the BAT Logic system have advanced out of the heats and repechage racing. More repechage racing to come tomorrow and we

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