Rib stress fractures – a mechanical view part 1

On request from a few of our avid reading athletes we have decided to re-post an R & D note from a year or so ago. The injury is still very relevant and holds a strong place in the top 3 rowing injuries overall, so over the next 3 weeks we bring you a load and movement review on rib stress fractures with a downloadable PDF for each post.

A principle of science and of medicine in particular is that one must understand the normal, or natural course of studied phenomena before attempting to describe and study the pathologic or abnormal. (Sutherland, Kautman, Moitoza 1994, Human Walking 2nd Ed.) Its an approach we’re applying in relation to rib stress fractures in rowing over the next 3 R&D Notes. In this first of the series, we’re setting the scene and looking at how the relevant bits of the body are put together and how they interact as a basic level.

β€œWhen looking at the ribs we must consider the load they carry in the body.”

Whilst the physiology is also vital in these injuries, without mechanical load we’d have no stress so it is a keystone.

Download the PDF: Rib Stress Fractures Part 1

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at the injury process and some case studies next week.

Happy rowing!