The art and science of movement

In every sport โ€“ or every movement, for that matter โ€“ our entire body is being used, with its unique set of mechanics.
The body moves in sport as in life: in a continuous, unique and nuanced manner.

However, no one sport above rowing has sought to combine a wider range of sequenced movements from upper and lower segments in a pattern that links together over a repeated time cycle, to create a synergistic force which is transferred through the body, to drive a piece of equipment that the body is a part of. Certainly no sport has sought to do all this and add the ever-changing and often unpredictable โ€˜fieldโ€™ that is the water into the equation.

In the Row360 article post below, we explore the movement of rowing with a focus on connected segments and our research on foot force. This is the backing behind all BAT Logic products.

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Row360 Isuue 004 – Biomechanics