Understanding rib stress fractures and the mechanics behind them in rowing; We have posted quite a lot about rib stress fractures and any commentary on them has always been in our most popular articles so we thought we give you the chance to access a previous Row360 magazine article we wrote on the mechanical aspects of their etiology or cause. This is by no means the only path to a ‘stressie’, nutritional and physiological factors are also key yet these mechanical issues are in most cases easily modifiable or even avoidable.

The fact that we have just released a new shoe in partnership with Bont Cycling, the Project B Collaboration  , which aims to add foot stability and control from the feet up in all phases of the stroke, also gives us a good excuse to re-explore why the feet are so important in affecting our movement chain, even to the level of the ribs and higher.

So hit the link to read on, move better and row more: Row360 – Understanding Rib Stress Fractures



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