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  • At CRI with all of our boats rowed 2-3 times per day by different members, the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease has given everyone the opportunity to row their best by having the correct shoe size in any boat at any time and has had a positive impact on our overall member satisfaction

    Matt Lehrer

    Director of Coaching Education, Community Rowing, Inc. USA
  • As a full time Rower competing nationally and internationally, I spend hours on the erg. I normally erg barefoot so I can hold onto the machine with my feet.

    The ErgAdaptor gives me a far greater feeling of stability and control over the machine. I can ‘hang in the shoes’ like I do in the boat and allow myself to roll up the slide naturally rather than pull myself into the heel straps or risk them slipping down.

    I would consider the Adaptor an essential item of kit now.

    Josh Dunkley-Smith

    Australian Olympic Silver Medal Athlete
  • On the RowPerfect, Concept2 and in any boat these are very comfortable and hygienic because they allow you to use your own shoes.

    Really effective in each stroke with better footwork!

    Marcos Cesar Morales

    Spain – Indoor World Champion
  • The BAT Logic ShoePlate Pros have been part of our set up to success.

    The ShoePlate was a great addition to the rowers rig, it certainly helped to have it on board.

    Paul Thompson

    British Olympic Gold Medal Winning Coach
  • It is not only a foot stretcher set-up; moreover it is the opportunity to fundamentally re-think the power application of the rowing stroke.

    BAT Logic stands for healthy bodies and fast boats.

    Frank Biller

    ACRA winning Director of Rowing Virginia Rowing Association

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