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  • 1x pair of BasePlates comes standard with each QuickRelease System and ErgAdaptor already – but if you have more seats than rowers, buy more BasePlates to make extra seats in your club ShoePlate compatible, or in a club-purchase the club may buy BasePlates and the rowers buy the ShoePlates.

The QuickRelease System already comes standard with 1 pair of BasePlate Cleats (the small grey cleat parts) but any extra boats / seats can be fitted with extra BasePlates to allow you to simply click  ShoePlate Tops in across all boats.

BasePlates are simple, tough, super lightweight and won’t wear out like conventional bike cleats. They are designed for rowing only and will allow the ShoePlate Tops (which attach to your rowing shoes) to click into your foot stretcher.

The BasePlates will fit all boat stretchers with a standard 4 hole pattern (see the compatibility page) and all BAT Logic endorsed ErgAdaptors

Product Specifications

Models1 models fits both size ShoePlates
Material Custom polymer blend, UV, salt water & temperature protected
Weight 40gm
Cleat MountingStandard 4 hold offset foot stretcher bolt pattern
Steering CompatibleYes
FixingsFull marine grade 316 stainless
Compatibility See FAQ. Will fit almost all boats as standard


Make every boat compatible with the ShoePlate Tops

Where your club has more seats than rowers, you can buy extra BasePlates to ensure every boat is compatible and able to accept the ShoePlate Tops.

Make every boat compatible with the ShoePlate Tops

Better Hygiene & Personalization

25% of the population are affected by fungal foot infections – do you really want to share shoes? With the QuickRelease System you can click your own shoes in for every row.

Better Hygiene & Personalization