Largest rowing club in the world finds the right fit to reduce injury, increase performance & enhance ease of use

Throughout the world’s rowing clubs it is not unusual for the best and newest equipment to be used by elite rowers – with those competing at a lower level subscribing to the mentality of “if it floats, it will do!”

Recently, the largest rowing club in the world, Boston based Community Rowing, Inc. (CRI), decided they wanted to change this.

CRI’s firm belief around equal access for all, regardless of ability, inspired them on their quest to give each of their 5000+ rowers access to the very best performance enhancing equipment.

Being home to a diverse range of athletes – some with physical disabilities, some juniors, some carrying injuries and some competing at national and international level – CRI’s boats also needed to be completely adaptive.

After a comprehensive tender process, Hudson Boat Works won the contract to replace CRI’s entire fleet of 74 boats and they fitted them with the latest in BAT Logic technology.

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The BAT Logic and Hudson Boat Works solution

Hudson and BAT Logic worked together to custom design a fleet of boats tailored to:

  • Increase performance
  • Reduce injury
  • Enhance stability and connection
  • Increase comfort and ease-of-use
  • Deliver better hygiene.

Key to delivering on these benefits is the installation of BAT Logic’s ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease performance foot plate and Nike Omada rowing shoes as standard across all boats.

The ShoePlate Pro’s click-in click-out technology allows shoes and ShoePlates to be moved easily and quickly between boats.

The Benefits of BAT Logic

Traditionally, rowers have been expected to adapt to each boat and share shoes, regardless of size, fit and potential hygiene issues. With the BAT Logic system, they can take their own shoes and click them into and out of any boat or the ergometer. The increased connection and greater feeling of stability reduces the risk of injury and increases performance.

Hygiene is also improved and the risk of infection from bacteria is reduced. Medical statistics put the proliferation of foot fungus which can cause Athlete’s Foot at around 13-20% in the general population. That’s almost 2 athletes in every 8 with an Athlete’s Foot type fungus – a statistic that can’t be ignored.

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The CRI result

The CRI project has been a resounding success, with the new high quality fleet resulting in a rise in standards throughout the club.

Dave Snowdon, Boatman at CRI, says the members immediately felt the benefit of the new fleet:

“Athletes tell me they get more feedback from the boat, they can feel more and the fact that the shoes fit means the angles are better – and they look cool!”

According to Bruce Smith, Director at CRI, Hudson and BAT Logic were well positioned to deliver on CRI’s vision.

“Hudson and BAT Logic have full control over their production process which makes them a strong partner for us,” said Bruce.

According to Hudson Boat Work’s CEO, Glen Burston: “The BAT Logic team really understand the sport and there is true depth and innovation in what they do. To continuously evolve the sport in this way is the right thing to do for the athletes and it helps to advance the sport of rowing

The new fleet is now on the water, enabling rowers from all walks of life to perform at their best and raising standards for all through comfort, fewer injuries and increased performance.

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