Sick of sharing shoes in order to row your boats?

Did you know that 25% of all your club mates have the bacteria that causes Athlete’s foot?!

If you want to use your own shoes and gain speed while reducing injury risks in-boat and on the erg then you need the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease – Compatible with all major shoes and boats

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Using BAT Logic ShoePlates:



  • Prior to the installation of the BAT Logic system our women’s team was faced with wearing shoes in sizes ranging from a men’s 10 to a men’s 13.  Now we can install shoes in the correct size and maximize our efficiency and power that we need to win races.  The ShoePlates are simple to use and one can quickly and easily change out the shoes while seat racing or hot seating the boats on race day.

    Kristen Chadwell

    Master's Member, Newport Seabase RC
  • Improvements the plates give: 1) the function of the drive and the ability to connect the posterior chain 2) each member has shoes that fit perfectly giving them a better connection to the boat.  My job responsibilities as Program Head Coach include rigging and equipment maintenance; being able to know that each member is accountable for their shoes makes my job that much easier.

    James Long-Lerno

    Program Head Coach Newport Seabase RC
  • The ease at which I can swap between the erg and the boat and get the same feeling on my feet is great.

    Finishing 3rd in the world at u23 level was something I had never even dreamed of. I’m certain that BAT Logic helped me with the final hurdle, giving me that extra boost of speed; which consequently  helped us at the worlds to clinch the medal.

    3 weeks after getting back on the erg after injury I got a 3 second pb on my 2km, a big chunk of which I feel is down to the Erg Adaptor.

    Ed Fisher

    Leander Club Athlete, World Medalist Team GB
  • Last week at the Irish Indoor Rowing championships I won the LM60+ with a new Irish record of 6.59 using the BAT Logic ShoePlates, CustomPack and ErgAdaptor. Not sure if the shoes were all the difference but we are supposed to lose 3% performance a year over 60 so knocking 2 seconds off the previous year is a good result.

    Paul Gallen

    Masters erg champion and Irish national record holder.
  • BAT Logic applies engineering and manufacturing principles that are head and shoulders above the rest.

    Bruce Smith

    Bruce Smith, Director, Community Rowing Inc., Boston
  • I was extremely sceptical until I tried this – I found that I was applying more pressure on one foot than the other, and this can be corrected with a shim. Despite my skepticism, the front-end drive felt noticeably better connected to the footplate.

    I didn’t expect this level of improvement.

    Paul Lukas

    Masters Rower, Gloucester RC and Auriol-Kensington RC, Previous National Team Rower
  • With my athlete the difference was apparent immediately once the shoes were fitted. His control in the boat was greatly improved and his style was much smoother.

    I feel his connection at the catch is more precise and leg drive sharper and even. He also feels very comfortable using them.

    He has one leg 20mm shorter than the other and the BAT Logic setup allows even pressure from both feet including the heels during the drive phase.

    Great product! Highly recommend.

    Adrian Henning

    PARA-ROWING Club Coach
  • At CRI with all of our boats rowed 2-3 times per day by different members, the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease has given everyone the opportunity to row their best by having the correct shoe size in any boat at any time and has had a positive impact on our overall member satisfaction

    Matt Lehrer

    Director of Coaching Education, Community Rowing, Inc. USA