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  • Compatible with all boats and steering plates
  • Designed to reduce common injury risks & aid performance
  • Fully adjustable with splay, height etc
  • Choice of leg length shims and heel shims for personalized fitment
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Have you ever felt unbalanced or noticed your legs go down at different times during the stroke?

Over 95% of the population are affected by leg length differences which can be linked to a number of common injuries and overuse dysfunctions as well as steering and boat balance issues in rowing.

The CustomPack gives you the opportunity to personally tune your ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease or regular stretcher settings to cater for leg length discrepancies and many other common issues such as poor heel connection or timing through the feet as well as ankle restrictions.

Ensure you are set up for your exact needs, don’t lose power or risk injury because of your biomechanics.


Adjust for Leg Length Discrepancies

95% of people suffer from a leg length discrepancy. This can cause reduced performance, discomfort and injury, especially at the pelvis and spine.


Aid inflexible ankles

Connect better, reduce stress in the stroke and be set up for your needs.


Increase heel load

Still struggle with getting your heels down? The CustomHeel wedges are your answer. Proven to enhance power, drive efficiency and stability.


Improve timing and symmetry of legs

Gain efficiency and speed while reducing injury risk. If your legs apply power asymmetrically you are not rowing at your best.


Further improve comfort - the set up for your needs

Feel more connected, stable and supported. Feel symmetrical.  Tune your equipment for your needs.