Introducing innovation – the thought behind our speed

In this blog we want to let you sit back and have AUS Olympic medal winning coach and VIS head coach Bill Tait take you through what he sees as key when introducing innovations at the top level. The why, when and how. The second video highlights one of our consultants discussing what makes us tick at BAT Logic and how we aim to you help you with innovations that bring you speed.

If you want to maximize your performance at any level, a good place to start is supporting how you move by using proven equipment. After this weekend at Lucerne where BAT Logic rigged crews took 6 Gold medals and 10 booked their tickets to Rio 2016, you know the proof is in the racing!

Introducing Innovation – Olympic Silver Medal winning coach Bill Tait takes us through what’s important when introducing equipment:


The background of BAT Logic – look to support the mechanics of the athlete for the most accessible gains to speed and reductions in injury risk.