Fall racing is in full swing in the US of A!

Fall racing is in full swing in the US of A!

Fall racing is in full swing. As a majority of rowers make their way to the larger more well know races, such as Head of the Charles and Head of the Hooch, there are so many great lesser known races that deserve some recognition. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and check...
Club nationals rock Lake Harsha

Club nationals rock Lake Harsha

Club Nationals 2016 was held in Bethel, Ohio on the beautiful Lake Harsha. Except for a quick thunderstorm that resulted in a few races being cancelled, it was near perfect racing conditions all weekend. With over 2,500 entries over the 5 days of racing, the event...
Max Gains: Effective Protein Use

Max Gains: Effective Protein Use

So many times in the gym you hear about athletes trying to force feed themselves as much protein as possible in one heavy dose – more is more, right? Wrong. Your muscle mass is continuously regulated by a balance between muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein...
Stability Equals Power

Stability Equals Power

Your feet are your first and, power-wise, most important connection to the boat. Having some understanding for their function and how to support them is key to produce your most powerful stroke. It would be be frustrating to learn that something as simple as the ankle...
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  • How can your club become BAT Logic fitted? It
  • With the African Olympic & Paralympic Continental Qualification Regatta underway, we would like to wish best of luck to all those vying for #Tokyo2020 Olympic qualification! 📸 @maike.rowing
  • Best sensation while rowing: hearing and feeling the bubbles run past the hull on a calm day, this is definitely one of those rows! #batlogicqr
  • The nervous wait on race day as your crew takes to the water. Big shoutout to all #rowing coaches and support teams that make it possible for crews to achieve their goals and reach their potential! #batlogicqr
  • Get race ready & achieve your rowing goals! #Athletes using the #BATLogicQuickRelease have shown great results over the years! At the 2019 World Rowing Championships, 57.9% of BAT Logic users qualified for #Tokyo2020 #BATLogicQR
  • Do you think you could find a pair of shoes here that are comfortable and fit? Is this the same at your club? With our #BATLogicQuickRelease system wearing club shoes that fit or bringing your personal pair has never been easier. To find out more, simply click the link in our bio or get in touch today! #BATLogicQR
  • Does your club’s rowing shoes fit you?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The BAT Logic QuickRelease system removes the hassle of unscrewing club shoes to allow you to row with shoes that fit and makes having your own shoes so much easier. If your club wants to make the change and improve members #comfort and #hygiene with a simple click-in and click-out, visit our website or get in touch today! link in bio. #rowing #rudern #aviron #remo #rowingrelated #rowinglife #rowingclub #rowingispassion #rowingmotivation #worldrowing #sculling #mastersrowing #justrowing
  • Does your club have a shoe wall yet? It makes it as easy as picking your size and clicking in. Visit our link in the bio to find out how your #club can empower its members to use shoes that fit, row with greater #connection and enjoy enhanced hygiene. 📸: Virginia Rowing Association @vmensrowing @uvarowing 
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  • Hired a boat at the 2019 World Masters regatta in Hungary and the shoes don’t fit? Use BAT Logic and that could easily change in the future at your club with a click in and out. See our website in the bio or visit some of our retailers at the event Orrlabda.hu and @wintechfrance #wrmasters #Velence2019 #connection #power #performance #efficiency #BAT #training #racing #rowing #sculling #remo #rudern #aviron

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