ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease

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  • QuickRelease functionality – your shoes every row
  • Fits all major boats and rowing shoes
  • Compatible with most steering systems
  • Lightweight at <200Gm
  • Performance gain, injury risk reduction
  • Designed for rowing performance, not for walking
  • FISA approved heel ties must be used
  • Comes standard with 1x pair of BasePlates
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The ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease is a performance foot plate made to fit all major boats, ergos and rowing shoes and enhance your rowing experience. The shape and function have come from years of R&D and rowing experience. The result – performance gains through increased force and foot connection with injury reduction for all athletes.

Simply click in and out from seat to seat, boat to boat and boat to ergomenter for the easiest way to make sure you always have the best equipment for your row and to keep your feet safe from the germs of the boathouse. The ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease comes as a set with a pair of BasePlates, needed to fit it into a boat. With extra BasePlates you can fit the one ShoePlate to all of the boats you use.

Be your best – beat the rest with the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease.

*ShoePlates do not come with the bakerlite plate or boat foot stretcher shown in the above images, they are supplied as one left and right part only. Your boat will come with one of these parts to bolt the ShoePlates to.


Improved Ease Of Use & Enhanced Club Experiences

Click in/click out – use your own rowing shoes in any boat, any seat or on the erg.


Increased Performance

Enhanced muscle use, improved force and increased efficiency. Click in for your best performance, every row.


Reduced Injury

Targeting the most common rowing injury risk factors from the feet up by supporting your body; better stability, muscle use and connection.


Enhanced Stability & Connection

Improved foot support and enhanced heel load through the whole stroke.


Better Hygiene & Personalization

25% of the population are affected by fungal foot infections, do you really want to share shoes? Click your own shoes in for every row.


Science Based and Race Proven

Proven in the harshest conditions at Elite, Masters, School and College levels. 17 Olympic Medals in 2 Olympic cycles, 270 + Senior A world medals, multiple nationals championships.