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  • An easy add to help lower your ergo score
  • Fully legal to race at most indoor events on the Concept2 ergometer
  • Reduces injury risk factors
  • Improved foot connection and contact
  • Enhanced & earlier heel loading
  • Greater use of large leg driving muscles
  • Comes standard with BasePlates to accept the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease which is sold separately
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The BAT Logic ErgAdaptor is your key to enhanced erg performance on the Concept2 ergometer. A portable and click on/click off system to adapt the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease and in-boat rowing shoes to your indoor training. Train like you race and feel the enhanced connection of shoes with the ShoePlate Pro on the erg.

  • ErgAdaptor comes standard with base plates for ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease attachment (ShoePlate sold separately)
  • ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease and shoes must be ordered separately
  • ErgAdaptor is for model D/E Concept2 ergometers


Improved Performance

All the effects of the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease on the Ergo- enhanced power, speed, efficiency and feel.


Reduced Injury Risks

Enhanced support for your body on the ergo. Studies show that lumbar spine injury is even more prevalent on the ergo than in-boat – set your feet up to support your body with enhanced muscle use, stability and connection.


Race and Train

Legal to race at most indoor events. The ErgAdaptor will give you more from your erg workout and allow you to train like you race with in-boat settings.


Improved Foot Connection and Contact

No slipping out of the heel cups with the feet far more planted. Direct response to your drive and greater foot support.


Enhanced & Earlier Heel Loading

The key to unlocking more power and control.