BAT Logic BasePlates

$20.00 USD
Shipping Globally: USD $40 Flat Rate for total shipment. Arrives globally on average within 6-7 days
  • 1x pair of BasePlates comes standard with each ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease and ErgAdaptor already – but if you have more seats than rowers, buy more BasePlates to make extra seats in your club ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease compatible. (Hence you only need to buy extra BasePlates for extra boats once you already have a ShoePlate for each rower)

The ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease already comes standard with 1 pair of BasePlates (the small red receiver plate that bolts to your boat foot stretcher or ErgAdaptor) but any extra boats / seats can be fitted with extra BasePlates to allow you to simply click your ShoePlate across extra boats.

With a patented clip design, the BasePlates are simple, tough, super lightweight and will never wear out like a conventional cleat. They can be fitted to all major boat brands to increase the use of your ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease.

*BasePlates do not come with the bakerlite plate or boat foot stretcher shown in the above images, they are supplied as one left and right part only. Your boat will come with one of these parts to bolt the BasePlates to.



Make every boat compatible with the ShoePlate

Where your club has more seats than rowers, you can buy extra BasePlates to ensure every boat is compatible and able to accept the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease.


Better Hygiene & Personalization

25% of the population are affected by fungal foot infections, do you really want to share shoes? With the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease you can click your own shoes in for every row.