Used for 9x World records and 6x National records. Endorsed by Concept2.

How many km’s do you do on the erg each week? What’s more performance and less injury risk worth to you on the ergo?







Last week at the Irish Indoor Rowing championships I won the LM60+ with a new Irish record of 6.59 using the BAT Logic ShoePlates, CustomPack and ErgAdaptor. Not sure if the shoes were all the difference but we are supposed to lose 3% performance a year over 60 so knocking 2 seconds off the previous year is a good result.

Paul Gallen

Masters erg champion and Irish national record holder.

On the RowPerfect, Concept2 and in any boat these are very comfortable and hygienic because they allow you to use your own shoes.

Really effective in each stroke with better footwork!

Marcos Cesar Morales

Spain – Indoor World Champion

I wouldn’t do an erg test without BAT Logic now.

I have set two world records on the erg with the ShoePlates - the 5km and 1 hour, and just yesterday a PB on the 2km.

Emma Twigg

World Champion W1x NZ

After looking at my performance on the erg it was clear that my technique was in need of adjustments, the main one being to drive off my heels more. The BAT logic system has given me that, and I can now feel the connection to the erg and also improved power transfer.

Last week I set a new Irish 40-49H record – and I haven’t finished with it yet!

Paul Buchanan

Irish Indoor Champion

BAT Logic has become an essential part of my race and training routine and have helped me break 6 under 19 world records on the erg.

In the boat they help me to feel connected and more direct with my power application, they also give as sense of stability which brings confidence and control.

On the erg they again make me more comfortable and familiar as I’m always in the same shoes wether I’m erging or rowing. They make me feel very connected to the erg which makes me feel more direct with my leg drive right off the catch. The erg adapter made a noticeable improvement to all my erg scores from steady state to sprints!

Tom Schramko

AUS U23 member


  • Great to see rowers of all ages utilizing the BAT Logic QuickRelease. Our system, visible below the Rowing shoes, enables rowers to quickly click in & out, improving the comfort and connection of club shoes that fit!
  • Want better boat connection and free speed? the BAT Logic QuickRelease System can be your big help to get to the line first! #performance #BATLogicQR
  • World Rowing Championships 2019, BAT Logic Fitted Canadian Women
  • It used to only be rowing suits hanging in change rooms, now with the BAT Logic QuickRelease System, you can take your personal rowing shoes anywhere with a simple click. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Here we have the Black Custom Pack heel wedges between the ShoePlate and shoe to provide an earlier connection.
  • Old dog, new tricks... beautiful contrast between technology and tradition. Great to deliver better results while keeping the style! #BATLogicQR #QuickRelease
  • The #BATLogicQR System is compatible across a range of rowing shoes. That means #masters all around the world can quickly click in their favorite brand of shoe. .
You too can enjoy enhanced comfort, hygiene and rowing quality. Click the link in our bio.
Swipe right to see the shoes clicked into our system.
  • "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" -Steve Prefontaine.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Who has seen their teammates like this after a race? Tag those who always give their absolute all. 👇 #rowingmotivation
  • Rowers continuously face the problem of rowing with club shoes that are too big for them. BAT Logic
  • How fantastic it was to be amongst the 2500+ competitors at the Head of the Yarra last weekend. Seeing the #BATLogicQR System in many boats was a great pleasure. Well done to all the athletes that raced down the 8km course, and thank you for counting on us. #connection #performance #power #raceday

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