17 Olympic medals London 2012-Rio 2016, 7 Gold, 9 Silver and 1 Bronze. 300+ World level medals, 16 World Records. Trusted by 28 Nations.

Science based and race proven to provide performance gains and reduce injury.

When milliseconds separate the best from the rest, what would you give for a gain in power, efficiency, connection, feel and most importantly, boat speed that also reduces injury risk?


17 OLYMPIC MEDALS London 2012-Rio 2016






Since getting BAT Logic equipment I can say that my boat speed increased a lot. The way that I use my legs is much better and more effective. I rowed 6:09.4, a new Belgium record on my 2k using the ErgAdaptor and am now a World Cup medalist with the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease.

Niels Van Zandweghe

World Cup Medalist, Belgian National Team

The ErgAdaptor gives you a direct connection to the erg, that you could not get with any shoe or with bare feet, no matter how hard you strap in.

In the boat, it's much easier to directly drive your legs at the catch, the feet have a much better connection to the boat at the finish.

Lukas Duhnrack

World Championship athlete, German National Team

The BAT Logic ShoePlate Pro has been an integral part in helping us to optimize the in boat set up for the AUS Women’s Pair through the games.

Bill Tait

Australian Olympic Silver Medal Winning Coach

As a full time Rower competing nationally and internationally, I spend hours on the erg. I normally erg barefoot so I can hold onto the machine with my feet.

The ErgAdaptor gives me a far greater feeling of stability and control over the machine. I can ‘hang in the shoes’ like I do in the boat and allow myself to roll up the slide naturally rather than pull myself into the heel straps or risk them slipping down.

I would consider the Adaptor an essential item of kit now.

Josh Dunkley-Smith

Australian Olympic Silver Medal Athlete

I wouldn’t do an erg test without BAT Logic now.

I have set two world records on the erg with the ShoePlates - the 5km and 1 hour, and just yesterday a PB on the 2km.

Emma Twigg

World Champion W1x NZ

The BAT Logic ShoePlate Pros have been part of our set up to success.

The ShoePlate was a great addition to the rowers rig, it certainly helped to have it on board.

Paul Thompson

British Olympic Gold Medal Winning Coach

The Shoe Plate Pro helped us when it counted most. Looking at equipment like this is vital when the level of competition is so high.

Thomas Poulsen

Gold Medal Winning Olympic Coach London 2012

I wouldn’t do an erg test without BAT Logic now.

I have set two world records on the erg with the ShoePlates - the 5km and 1 hour, and just yesterday a PB on the 2km.

Emma Twigg

World Champion W1x NZ

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  • Hired a boat at the 2019 World Masters regatta in Hungary and the shoes don’t fit? Use BAT Logic and that could easily change in the future at your club with a click in and out. See our website in the bio or visit some of our retailers at the event Orrlabda.hu and @wintechfrance #wrmasters #Velence2019 #connection #power #performance #efficiency #BAT #training #racing #rowing #sculling #remo #rudern #aviron
  • With the 2019 World Rowing Championships coming to a close on the weekend, we would like to congratulate all those that competed and particularly those who obtained Olympic qualification for their countries. The regatta provided some of the best rowing races we have ever seen, it was a pleasure to watch. #WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #aviron
  • WORLD CHAMPIONS - Lightweight Women’s Pair rowers @mmmbertasi & @carastawicki! Massive congratulations girls!
#quickrelease #WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #rudern #remo
  • Pre-race focus 💪, post-race smiles😁. The Canadian women’s eight are one step closer to Olympic qualification with a solid win in yesterday’s repechage @rowingcanada #quickrelease #WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #aviron #rudern
  • Think, sleep, race, repeat! Great to see the different ways stern holders enjoy their time between races! 
#WRChamps #linz2019 #rowing #rudern
  • Very cool to be able to catch the action off the blocks, here is an impressive start by @jeanninegmelin before she progressed to the semi! #quickrelease #WRChamps #rowing #aviron #remo #linz2019
  • Great to be at the 2019 World Rowing Championships in Linz Ottensheim, Austria. So far so good for these crews progressing through the early stages. #quickrelease #WRChamps #rowing #rudern #aviron #linz2019
  • The year
  • By day two of the Under-23 World Rowing Championships 37+ athletes using the BAT Logic system have advanced out of the heats and repechage racing. More repechage racing to come tomorrow and we

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