The Project B Rowing Shoe has launched

A shoe is not simply a rowing shoe because you can bolt it into a boat. The materials, shape and closure system all play a pivotal role in making sure you get the best row possible. Comfort, performance, injury and of course enjoyment are all part of this.


Lighter, stronger, faster. The Project B rowing shoe is here.

Project B stands for innovation, athletes, quality, experience and most importantly, passion. It is a winning philosophy as much as a brand.

Bought to you by the collaborative expertise of BAT Logic and Bont Rowing, Project B was started because it is the strong belief of our 2 companies that rowers deserve more from their equipment.

Our team of technical experts, athletes and coaches are focused on bringing you the best equipment, based on 30 + Olympic medals, a collective 4 decades of rowing experience and the most advanced technology.



Why are all shoes not built equal?

Understanding athlete function, in particular at the feet,  has been a specialty of both ours at BAT Logic and Bont’s for many years. What inspired us to start looking at a specific ground-up rowing shoe was that there really were no shoes on the market that started life with one simple goal in mind – to be built to row with, and nothing else.

The shape of a shoe that is so important for comfort, connection and feel comes from the way a shoe is modeled and this is really dictated by the last, the model the the shoe is formed around.Most rowing shoes use a last that is off the shelf or at least not specific to rowing – ever felt your toes being mashed together or your heel slipping, your achilles being pinched or your mid foot rolling in the shoes?


Why Project B is different:

We started off building the last shape based on 20,000 athlete foot scans and with inputs from the largest ever data pool collected on rower’s foot force to create a shape that works with a foot in the stroke, which is a very different from a dress shoe or even running shoe shape.

Many other shoes on the market also use materials in their construction not suitable for water sports, such as crushed cardboard or poor quality, water absorbing foams – take a look underneath the inner soles of other shoe brands in the boat house and you will see many of these. These materials are not ideal for transferring the foot force that you work so hard to produce and then when they get wet, the shoe starts to break down.

We wanted to provide a shoe that had no compromises, specifically built for our sport from athlete foot scans, foot force data and with feedback from all levels of rowing, not just the elites. The shape and build of the carbon fiber forefoot cradle aids the actual shape of the foot when rowing and allows a better fit across all foot types, while providing lateral support for steering and control. While the heel cup aids heel connection and load – vital for the ultimate stroke.

The carbon we have used is 100% real carbon, throughout both soles, which again is an industry first and it allows far better force transfer, in some of our tests up to 3% + gain just from changing shoes, as well as providing the lightest, strongest and most responsive sole. This carbon rear foot and forefoot sole is built not just for force transfer but also to control the way the foot, limb and even body work through the stroke. With mid-arch support and torsional contral never seen in rowing before.

Some key features and technology for Project B Rowing Shoes:

  • World first Carbon Fiber split-sole design
  • Lightest high performance shoe on the market
  • Best force transfer and connection measured
  • Mid-arch foot support
  • Anatomic heel cup and counter
  • Carbon fibre forefoot and heel cradle for ultimate force transfer and steering response
  • Hydrophobic memory foam insole
  • Dual lock down straps
  • Biomechanics shaped to box
  • A rowing shoe built by rowers for rowers


The result is The Ultimate row.

If you’ve got concerns with your current rowing shoes, we’d love to hear them and help you find a better shoe with Project B. Feel free to send your questions to [email protected] or hit our contact page to find out how we can help or simply to learn more about shoe fit and design for rowing.


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