Bat Logic Knows Rowing.

Over 2000 athletes analyzed. 260+ World Level Medals, 17 Olympic Medals between London 2012 and Rio 2016, 14 World Records & numerous National Titles from schools and colleges covering the World’s best rowing nations. Now your club can enhance the boathouse experience by making sure every boat can fit any athlete.

Improved Ease Of Use & Club Experiences

Click in/click out – use your own shoes (that actually fit!!) in any boat or on any erg with the ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease.


Increased Performance

Enhanced leg muscle use, improved power and increased efficiency. Gains of up to 1 second per 500 metres seen. 17 Olympic medals and over 15 World Records indicate this.


Reduced Injury

Supports greater gluteal control and use, better stability in the boat. Helps reduce the most common rowing injury risk factors.


Better Hygiene & Personalisation

With up to 25% of the population affected by fungal foot infections, do you really want to share shoes? Experience better hygiene, improved performance, greater comfort and fit as well as looking after your shoes better post row. Fits all major rowing shoes.


Enhanced Stability & Connection

Improved foot support, greater engagement and enhanced heel load through the whole stroke gives you confidence, consistency and a stronger base for your drive, as well as improved boat trim and feel.


Science Based & Race Proven

The design is based on analysis of 2000+ athletes and in-depth sports science research. Rowers using the ShoePlate Pro have taken 17 Olympic medals in London 2012 and Rio 2016 including 7 Gold Medals.  260+ World Levels medals, numerous School, College  and National Championships, not to mention 15 world records on-water and indoors.